Not the only one to be thrilled by Happy and Glorious

I may have had a small role in it’s creation, having kind of badgered the dude about it, but I just found this, Calvin Dyson’s review of Happy and Glorious. I must say, it is an excellent piece: I had feared hardcore Bond fans would not be as taken by the film as I, but Dyson seems to share my euphoric amazement with it. A thorough and observant reviewer, he picks up on a few of the odd bits in this film, such as the silly commentary in the olympic youtube channel’s version, or the strange bit where the statue moved – points I agree with. To have the statue of Churchill wave was slightly weird, although from the way it is shot you could read it as Bond imagining the statue waving; and besides, it is not much odder than some of the weird things in the Moore-era Bond films – this for example. I think Boyle put it in because it fitted the jubilation of the occasion; indeed, as noted at the end of this Telegraph article, the tone of the piece could be said to hark back to the Moore vintage.

Dyson also says it could have been more bondish: they may have made more use of the Bond theme, or included a gadget, or had a pretty woman pilot. True, but perhaps that would be to overplay it. After all, this is not a bond film per se, but a film invoking the character as royal escort: There may not have been any bad guys to eliminate – the usual violence of a bond film would definitely not have been appropriate at an olympic opening ceremony – but perhaps we can imagine that M thought it prudent to send 007 along just in case. As I wrote here and here, it was bold and brave – the ultimate tribute to the Bond franchise. It was not supposed to be entirely about bond, but to insert 007 into reality like never before and in a way nobody could have imagined, thereby cementing his place in our culture in a gloriously British way. Thus it still has the ability to make me squeal spastically with glee, making my jaw drop; it seems I’m not the only one to be so thrilled by it.

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