Third term? CaMoron didn’t deserve a first!

My dilemma over what to type here today has suddenly, vehemently been resolved. I just turned on the 6pm news. CaMoron has announced that he is not planning to stand for a third term, no doubt wanting to sound wise and magnanimous. How nausiating! If you ask me, the p’tahk shouldn’t even have had a first time, having not earned a majority. As it is, he should be answering for the suffering he and his party have caused. For him to assume he deserves a third term but would graciously decline it, being the benevolent, wise public servant he obviously thinks he is, boils my blood. Yet tonight, he was on TV, casually clothed and doing the ‘normal guy’ act, making assumptions and insinuations he has no right to make. When I think of what this man has done, what he stands for and the suffering he has caused, this act of sheer arrogance is too much to stomach.

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