Spectre teaser trailer

Linking to a trailer seems like using my blog to do the work of the advertisers, but this has me very, very excited indeed. The trailer for Spectre came out last night; I was counting down the seconds to 11.45. When I saw it, I was immediately intrigued and left itching to watch the film -which is, of course, exactly what a teaser trailer is supposed to do. Mr. White, the villain from Casino Royale, is back, but what is his relationship with Spectre, and who are those guys in the shadows? I know, as a proper cinephile, that I’m not supposed to succumb to such hype; I’m supposed to be immune to and above this marketing. Yet I can’t help it – Bond is back…again, and I’m squealing with glee like a ten year old. What would Alan or Dave, my old film lecturers, say? Nevertheless, I can’t wait till december to see this film.

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