Beginning my MA ‘playdraft’

Today I began to work on my Masters thesis again. I know I submitted it a year ago, and it passed, but recently I began to go back to it and jazz it up. It is the longest thing I’ve ever written, and I’m very proud of it; but it recently occurred to me that there is no reason why I can’t now put it to further use. I can now start to play with it, inserting pictures and extra text. The original is about 40,000 words of plain prose; I now want to make it brighter with all sorts of funky things which illustrate the points I make. I can also make extra points, such as noting the pretty undeniable relatedness of the opening of The Spy who Loved – one of my cinephiliac moments which I look at in my thesis’ fourth chapter – to Happy and Glorious: the fact that Boyle chose to echo the union jack-emblazoned parachute first used in the 1977 Bond film at the 2012 olympic opening ceremony is something I find almost perpetual joy in.

At first this seemed just a fun, yet pretty pointless, idea; but thinking about it, it aligns pretty well with my current projects at the RIX Centre. That too concerns finding different ways of expressing academic concepts through multimedia. Thus I think I’ll continue to work on what I’m calling the ‘playdraft’ of my masters, just to see where it leads. Given such postmodern eclecticism seems to be where things are leading generally, I have a feeling this experiment could eventually become something quite fruitful.

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