Incredible tales in radio club

I met someone incredible at school today. I still volunteer at the local special school, currently going every Wednesday to help at their radio club. Today, they had a special guest: the students were interviewing a woman, currently volunteering at school, who had recently piloted a boat from North africa, across the Mediterainian via Lampaduza, through the rivers and waterways of France, across the Channel to london. She did this, alone in a small boat, to draw attention to the plight of refugees from Libya.

I found her story incredible. I wanted desperately to ask her more, but sadly didn’t have chance. I don’t think the students grasps the magnitude or importance of what she was telling them, but as soon as I realised my jaw dropped. What a film her story would make I thought, as she described her voyage, her encounters with the French people and their small villages as she made her way north. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to talk to her much – I didn’t even hear her full name – but I rode home inspired. It just goes to show that, in this city, you never know what amazing thing you are going to encounter next.

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