The white riots

I certainly think this very clever piece of journalism is worth flagging up. It is a spoof report about riots by white men shown on CNBC. It highlights how american media is biassed towards reporting certain race-related stories in certain ways. To do this, it discusses riots by white men a though it was discussing riots by black men. They thus talk about ”white culture”, ”white parenting” and ”white history” in the same way that mainstream American media talk abut ”black culture” etc. The clever part is, none of what they say is untrue: there are indeed riots by white men around Saint Patrick’s day which could be attributed to precisely the reasons they state. It thus brilliantly reveals the double-standards in american (and probably British) news coverage by turning the paradigm on it’s head. My only criticism is, he rather spoils it at the end by overtly stating it was a spoof, as if the viewer was too dim to have clocked that.

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