Thinking again about transablism

I got int an argument on facebook this morning over transability: I showed some people on a disability-related forum my recent blog entry on the subject, and they disagreed with it vehemently. They pointed out that I had missed the point: the concept is actually about breaking down the disabled/able-bodied binary I seemed to be wanting in that entry to cling to. I was directed to a quite fascinating video lecture on the subject, and in fact it is about rereading the ‘us and them‘ paradigm I once tried to reread. If you think about it, we are all disabled because we all face disabling barriers; and thus disability can be seen as a transcendable concept. In my blog entry of a couple of weeks ago, I was maintaining a barrier I’ve been trying to break down all my life. Time for me to read more on this subject, and learn to think before I pass comment.

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