back thirty or forty years in one greed-ridden stroke.

Lyn and I rarely discuss her financial situation, and I try not to pry much into that area, but Lyn is an Independent living Fund user. She has not said much about how she’ll be affected, and indeed I’m not sure she has received any information about it, but I’m very concerned about what will happen tomorrow. Many people with severe disabilities face severe cuts to their care packages: one need only look at what happened last Wednesday to see how scared they are.

I keep thinking about how wonderful Lyn is and the great things she has done, from the days when she used to come to see me up at uni to going to france together, to playing at the paralympics and the Liberty festival. She is a very independent woman, but when I consider that that independence could now be taken away, if not from her certainly then from many like her, my blood boils. How can the tories be so barbaric? How can they cut tax for the wealthy few while sending ‘us’ back to the institutions? With the right support we can flourish, from doing a masters to performing before the world; the tories would strip that support from us, sending people with disabilities back thirty or forty years in one greed-ridden stroke. I say that without a glimmer of hyperbole: the closure of the ILF means that is a very real prospect – tory lies about replacement funding soothing only the gullible.

Today, sunny though it is, a dark cloud hangs over the disability community. It feels like almost everything we have worked for for so long will tomorrow be take away by the tories, and, try as we might, we are powerless to prevent it.

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