ILF protest not shown on the news

I just watched the bbc lunchtime news as usual and was appalled to see that there was nothing about the closure of the ILF on there. As I write, thousands of people with disabilities are protesting in Whitehall. I would have been there too had circumstances permitted. We are fighting for our freedom, indeed our lives, against a group of inhumane p’tahks who think it is more important to lower tax for the rich than to fund independence for people with disabilities. I cannot find the words right now to express my hatred and revulsion for the conservative party: thousands will suffer, yet they don’t give a shit. We’re expected just to sit back and allow these insults to humanity rule over us, preaching their doctrine of greed as if it is somehow noble to be selfish, while more and more people die. The welfare state and the nhs, the two great British contributions to civilisation, will be destroyed by the tories, and we can do fuck all about it – they don’t even allow our protests to be shown on the lunchtime news.

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