Sickening tory arrogance

How much longer do we have to put up with this group of tory scumbags ruling over us? Coming in from my daily stroll, I stumbled over this Mirror article laying bare the shocking arrogance of Iain Duncan-Smith and his deputy. They refuse to publish the figures on how many people have died due to DWP cuts. It has been established beyond doubt that these cuts have driven hundreds if not thousands to suicide, yet, instead of apologising, IDS accuses Labour of ‘scaremongering’. They refuse point blank to release the figures and maintain that they somehow have nothing to hide and are in the right. Knowing the suffering the tories are causing, and having to put up with their dismisive ”we know best” attitude, as if these scumbags have some innate right to impose their views on us, is getting too much for me to stomach.

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