bigotry only makes thing worse.

Everyone will be quite aware of what is going on down in dover and the human tragedy unfolding there. Thousands of people desparate to get to the UK are risking their lives, trying to get on to trains to come through the channel tunnel. Of course, we, as a modern, tolerant nation should be helping such people. What pisses me off is when the bbc give twits like Nigel farage airtime to speak on the subject. He was just on the Victoria Derbyshire show, and as usual had me shouting at the tv: blaming everyone else for this ‘problem’, trying to come across as reasonable while any intelligent person could detect the undercurrent of xenophobia in what he was saying. These people need our help, but our tv screens are polluted by bigots like farage, lying his head off about his car being surrounded by immigrants in calais, and trying to poke fun at ‘the human rights brigade’ – presumably people capable of thought. People like Farage are the problem, not migrants; I’m appalled that the bbc called on him to talk on this issue – such bigotry only makes thing worse.

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