Osbourne worked with murdoch to cut the beeb

My anger at the Tory government suddenly got even deeper. I just came across this Huffington post article revealing that George Osbourne was in talks with slimeball in chief Rupert Murdoch before he announced cuts to the BBC. If true using one’s position in government to favour on company over another is clearly corruption, and Osbourne should lose his job for it. I know the beeb isn’t perfect, but if you ask me, it’s one of the best broadcasters on earth. It’s certainly better than the commercial alternative. The tories wanted it cut because it does not fit in with their greed-based worldview; Murdoch wanted it cut because it supplied an alternative to his propaganda. It shouldn’t be surprising that the two slimeballs got together to wreck a great organisation. Like the NHS, the BBC supplies a brilliant service for all irrespective of one’s ability to pay, and that’s something greedy, selfish gits like Osbourne and Murdoch cannot abide.

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