Kanye West for president?

I’m pleased to report that I’m having something of a productive bank holiday: I’m at last working on my script again, and have already written about four good pages. However, when it turned four I checked the headlines, and found this story. Kanye West apparently intends to run for president in 2020. Now, while I’m not a big fan of West’s music, I have nothing against him as a person, yet I can’t help finding this idea absurd. Rapping is one thing, running a superpower quite another. What, apart from arrogance and ego, makes West think he’s up to the task? Of course, I could be wrong; after all, if George Dubya Bush can run America, so can anyone, including farmyard animals. Yet part of me is concerned that we might all be confusing celebrity for wisdom, and assuming that because someone is famous and raps about important topics, they would make good leaders. They don’t always go hand-in-hand, and I’m slightly worried that this is a sign of how vacuous and celebrity oriented western society is becoming.

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