There is always more to explore in London

I love this city even more after yesterday. It’s so complex, so intricate and varied it fascinates me. My tram trip went well: in the end I only stayed on a few stops, as it didn’t take me long to realise that it was pretty much the same as a train. My initial plan had been to go as far as Wimbledon, never having seen that part f the city before, but I soon realised that would have taken ages, so got off at West Croydon. From there, not wanting to go all the way back the way I had come, I caught the overground to London Bridge, and from there the boat back to North Greenwich. It isn’t that I’m becoming a transport geek or anything – or, god forbid, a trainspotter – but the variety of ways to get around this vast, labyrinthine metropolis intrigues me. There is always more to explore; more areas, each one so different yet still within the same city, to see. No doubt you could say something similar of any large metropolis, and I certainly want to explore other cities too; but this is the first chance I have had to get to grips with a place like this under my own power and in my own time, and even after five years living here I still find myself utterly captivated.

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