Top Gear tonight

Tonight will see me at the O2 again, this time to see Top Gear (sorry, Clarkson, May and Hammond) Live. I got the tickets ages ago, before Clarkson’s famous fallout with the beeb. To be honest I’m not sure what to expect: I’ve long been a fan of Top Gear, although some of the things those guys say, some of the attitudes they seem to hold, get to me. I expect the atmosphere there to be heavily masculine; one where physical prowess is valued and where politically-correct liberalism is frowned upon. How I will fit in to this world remains to be seen, but that’s part of what intrigues me. Part of me is worried that something will upset or anger me, that one of those guys will say something I disagree with or I’ll get the hump with the attitude in the audience; but it’ll probably just be good fun of the kind that appeals to the overgrown child in me. As usual, expect a full report on here tomorrow.

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