Why Spectre sucked (if it did)

Putting my geeky Bond-fan back on today, while I wasn’t that unimpressed with Spectre (I need to rewatch it, mind you) I’ll think I’ll flag this rather astute, observant video up explaining why the film was flawed. The guy in it makes quite a few good points, such as shoehorning Blofeld in as the puppetmaster behind everything in the last three films was simply lazy story telling. I agree with much of what he says, although after the excellence that was Skyfall, any follow up was always going to come in for criticism. The question is, where do they go with the Bond series now? The guy in the video says a line must be drawn under Spectre, and everyone should pretend it never happened. But I can’t see that happening: Spectre set story-arcs in motion which cannot now be ignored. Yes, when you think about it, Spectre is quite a flawed film, but I think you can salvage quite a bit from it, and I still think Daniel Craig is the best actor for that job.

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