Ipad repairs

One of the advantages of using a device like an Ipad as your communication aid is that, when it goes wrong, help is readily available. Mine was malfunctioning yesterday. It had been quite bad for a while – random letters kept pressing themselves as I was typing, and for some reason my messages on the instant messaging app had stopped getting through. It reached a peak yesterday, in a rather embarrassing session at school, so I decided it needed to be sorted. When I used a Lightwriter, that meant packing it and sending it to the guys at toby Churchill; yesterday it meant a trip to Woolwich.

I assumed the issue with random letters pressing was due to the screen being damaged, so, going into the small laptop and phone repair store on the square, I asked the guy, as best I could, to replace the screen, before explaining about the secondary issue with the messages. After a quick examination, he told me that the latter was probably due to my Sim needing topping up. The screen would take about two hours, he said, and after that he offered to go with me to the O2 store to sort the sim. That struck me as very kind.

I returned home, where I explained the situation to Lyn, then in the bath. She said the problem was nothing to do with the sim, and the guy was talking bollocks. To be honest, it struck me as odd that I could use email and the web browser perfectly well but not the Instant Messaging app, given that they all used the sim, but the guy seemed to know what he was doing. Nevertheless, I went to my computer and waited for two hours to pass.

I went back a little early and waited for the guy to bring my Ipad. It eventually materialised, shiny new screen and all, and I strapped it to my lap. I thanked him, paid him, and was about to invite him to look at my blog, when letters started pressing themselves – it had not solved the problem at all. Puzzled, the guy looked at it, then told me to come back tomorrow when he would have a special part in. I said okay, and then we set off for the o2 shop, just around the corner.

He explained the issue, but when the guy from O2 asked me a question, the keyboard problem had become so bad that I couldn’t answer. It was then, I think, that the Ipad repair man took pity on me: we went back to his store, took my Ipad, and told me to wait half an hour. Puzzled, I nipped into a nearby pub for a quick beer what else is a guy to do with no internet and impaired communication? I had no idea what the guy had in mind. Half an hour later, though, I went back to find, to my great astonishment, that not only was the issue with the screen fixed but the instant messaging app was working perfectly too. I have no idea what he did, but he had obviously done something, as my Ipad was right as rain.

I thanked him heartily, and offered to pay. He refused – I had already paid for the new screen, that would be enough. I sent a quick message to Lyn, updating her on the situation. Happy to see that it at last got through, and that I could now type without anything springing randomly onto the screen, I set off home rather content. After all, that was a vast improvement on the week or two it used to take for my Lightwriter to e repaired.

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