from great Britain to little England?

If anyone was wondering what the americans are making of the referendum, I would like to direct you to this excellent New York Times article. Like just about anyone else capable of thought, the writer says we would be insane to leave. It would greatly diminish our status in the world, turning us from great Britain to little England; and the consequences of leaving will be dire, both economically and socially.

With just about everyone bar the outist xenophobes saying such things, it beggars belief that the polls are so close. I am very worried indeed that we will do something stupid tomorrow, to the extent that I’m now losing sleep over it. Could we really be that foolish? Could we really be so inward looking that we’d cut ourselves off from our neighbours, removing ourselves from our biggest market. Could we really throw away something so progressive and hopeful? I’m now really worried about it; the fear of what might happen tomorrow is agonizing.

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