The world has not ended

For the last few days I have been feeling very, very unhappy indeed at current affairs, but perhaps I better start looking on the bright side of life again. The world has not ended: I still lead a wonderful life; for now at least I’m safe and secure. I still have many happy memories to think about, and lots to look forward to. I’m told our coming out of the EU probably won’t effect our day to day lives that much anyway. Thus, as worried as I am about this country’s future, as angry as I am at my countrymen for allowing theirselves to be fooled by the lies of xenophobes and the horrifying rise in the abuse of immigrants, I still have lots to hold on to and be happy about. What else can one do? Either I smile, or I let fear, bitterness and anger destroy me. After all, who knows what the future holds? Things may even turn out for the best. Thus there’s nothing else to do but to send you here.

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