Cleese to return to tv comedy?

I’m not sure whether to feel excited or skeptical about this. ‘Comedy god’ and one of my all time favourite actors John Cleese is reportedly in talks with the bbc about a return to small screen comedy. If it works, that could be great; just remember how awesome Monty Python Live was. But this is another kettle of fish: a sitcom has an entirely different dynamic to a stage show or film, and the question is, does Cleese still have it in him to hold up something like that? Does he still have the old magic in him which made characters like Basil Fawlty so timeless? Or might this just end up falling flat, and looking like a retired master trying to rekindle past glories, or, worse still, some studio exec’s attempt to use a well-loved name to get attention for his pet project? Either way, this is one to keep an eye on.

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