Ghostbusters one and two

I think I’ve just fallen back in love with my oldest filmic interest. Ahead of possibly watching the third film, I thought I’d give the first two Ghostbusters films a watch. I can’t have seen them for about twenty-five years, since childhood. I want to see how the third film compares to the originals. What I just found myself watching, then, was a great little comedy: one rife with wit and cynicism, but not without pathos. Although it’s supposed to be pastiche, there is some great acting in both films, and the characters and themes aren’t without weight. For example Peter, played by Bill Murray, is a bit of a smarmy little slimeball, yet it is still good to see him in a happy relationship in the end. If anything, I found the second better than the first. I just watched it on Youtube, and thought I saw some nods to cult horror films, and directors like Hitchcock. It’s also a great love letter to New York. How the third film stands up to the first two remains to be seen for me, but truth be told, I’m not holding my breath.

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