I love it how things work out sometimes. It has been quite a cool afternoon: Lyn and I just got back from Greenwich, where we were introduced to the sport of

Boccia. Last week I bumped into Susan, the woman who runs the wheelchair football, at the cafe in the park. In passing, she mentioned she also runs a boccia group. That sent alarm bells ringing because, not long ago, Lyn said she would rather like to have a go at the sport. Once home I emailed Susan, who invited us both to the next session at The Forum in Greenwich.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, Boccia is like bowls or patonc, played indoors with soft balls. Players take it in turns to roll either a blue or red ball, trying to get theirs closest to a white jack. (Click here to see a video explanation). Lyn used a ramp whereas I found it easier to get out of my chair and roll the ball. We had great fun, playing several games with the players already there. By the end, I had got quite into it, and I think L was too. I think we will be going back next week. That’s just as well, as, Judging by some of my shots today, I think I could do with the practice.

Between this and powerchair football, I seem to be suddenly becoming rather sporty.

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