Farewell, Alsager Arms

Not that I’ve been into a pub for a beer in over six months, a fact of which I’m rather proud, but I can’t help feeling rather sad. I just came across the following image, posted by one of my friends on facebook. The alsager arms was a pub where me and my friends once won the weekly pub quiz two weeks in a row. It was a great place. To see it now so dilapidated is very sad indeed. This image simply does not square with the merry little place I remember, yet I know they are one and the same.

alsager arms

This is probably due to MMU closing alsager campus; they would have lost all the revenue from the students. On top of that, I learned the other day that they have now decided to pull the plug on the Cheshire campus completely: both crewe and alsager are going. The place I owe so much to, the place I made so many friends and happy memories, the place where I became who I am today, is a thing of history. That makes me very sad indeed.

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