Reestablishing links

I’m still very much a trekkie, of course, and I’ve recently been eagerly absorbing all the news I can find about Discovery. The sixth incarnation of Star Trek is due to premiere later this year. Truth be told, it’s been so long since we’ve had any proper Star Trek, I can’t wait. Mind you, I’m wise enough now not to get my hopes up too high: Enterprise was a bit of a dud, and like most Star Trek fans I was very disappointed indeed with the reboots. Nonetheless, if we can have just aglimpse of the epic, spellbinding heights Trek reached during my childhood, I’ll be happy.

I’ve recently been thinking about Andrew Fox again, too. It has now been sixteen years since he passed away. He was a huge trek fan, and I keep wondering what he’d make of these new incarnations of his favourite programme. We always used to discuss it back at school. I keep wondering about his family, too: they became sort of familiar to the class, as they came with us to Glasgow etc. So much time has passed since I last saw them; so much has happened. I would like to know how his mum and grandparents are doing. I’d love to update them on new life here in London. The thing is, I only have a limited amount of info to go on, and there’s only so much you can do with Google. I’ll keep trying, though – it would be good to get back in touch. Andy was a good guy. It’s funny how the coming of something new sometimes makes you want to reestablish links with the past.

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