a lovely, relaxed afternoon in the park

The thing is, there isn’t much to record about yesterday, now that I come to it. Don’t get me wrong: it wasn’t a bad day – apart, that is, from the fact that the left drivewheel on my wheelchair broke on my way out, so I had to be pushed everywhere for the rest of the day. It just wasn’t the bells-and-whistles sort of day I was kind of anticipating. It was a lovely, relaxed afternoon in the park, spent sipping coffee talking to friends. Matt joined us. He’s currently working on what sounds like quite a large film shoot, and it was fascinating to hear him tell us all about it (of course, you’ll understand that I can’t go into detail on here). Cricket was also being played on the pitch next to us, and it was great to bear witness to the first few balls being bowled of the season. That also enabled me to say Hi to James and my cricketing friends during their tea break. Thus, party or not, broken powerchair or not, it was still a really good afternoon. If the rest of the summer is up to that standard, I think I’m in for a good one.

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