All good things, ten years on

Can it really be ten years since I wrote this entry? Ten years since I looked round at my friends in Brandies bar as we prepared to say goodbye to eachother for the last time? I remember that night well: it felt so final, as if something was coming well and truly to an end. And it was indeed an end – the end of our lives as undergraduates; the final night of three marvellous years.

After that night, of course, we all went our separate ways. Thanks to the internet we are, for the most part, still in touch; but we rarely see eachother. Most of the guys now have families: Steve and Jenny now have children; Rocky has a beautiful baby boy; Chris is married. Of course I still see Charlotte from time to time, and she remains one of my dearest friends, but, C being C, I can barely keep track of her. We are all now responsible adults, upstanding members of society with jobs and mortgages. What a difference ten years has made. Hell, even I, with Lyn’s help, have settled down, cut out the booze and taken up volunteering.

Yet I remember that night, dressed in my blue frock with a liverful of bitter, when I looked round at my friends and realised how much I’d miss them. Probably more than anything else at university, those guys made me who I am today. I check facebook every day to catch up with their news – it’s wonderful to see how they are progressing. Rocky’s son is growing fast, as are Steve and Jen’s daughters.

All good things must indeed come to an end. Only, nothing ever truly ends: things change and evolve in time’s eternal flow. People drift apart and come together, just as the tide flows in and out. What remain are memories, and those are what I still relish, ten years on.

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