A despicable act

I think back to those moments when the curtain came down for the final time at the end of all the awesome gigs I’ve been to. There’s that feeling of elation at having been there; you feel so privileged, and vow to yourself never to forget it. It’s a special moment – I’m usually already trying to decide what to write on my blog. That’s what those guys in Manchester must have been feeling last night; wondering how best to get to the exit, and then the world suddenly becomes a chaos of screaming and panic.

How can anyone perform such an act? How can anyone intentionally cause such harm and distress on people so young? That’s what I don’t understand. They chose that very specific, unique moment after the gig had just come to an end, presumably to cause as much suffering as they could. Sometimes you simply have to despair at the depravity people are capable of.

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