A blog entry about something I didn’t watch

I didn’t watch last night’s debate; I didn’t see the pointgiven I’ve already posted my vote. To be honest, though, I didn’t want to. I’ve had enough. I knew I would just get angry, fly into a rage and start yelling at the television. That’s bad for me, and bad for the furniture. Besides, I know what’s going on: every day I come across reports on social media of the suffering the tories are causing; it’s also staggeringly clear what direction the tories want to take the country in. I just couldn’t stomach the sight of May standing there, lying her head off, trying to justify her actions. I also knew that she would try to cast Corbyn – a good, caring man – in the darkest of lights. So I’m sorry if this is a blog entry about something I didn’t watch and thus have no right to comment on, but these are my reasons for not watching it. In short, I felt as if I’d seen it all before.

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