Progress on the cafe screening

I had a great night last night. I went to another film festival organisation meeting. It may still be three months or so away, in September, but I now have so much to organise before then (yes, yes, Ican organise things when I put my mind to it!) I want to do a screening at the cafe in the park. It’s a great little venue with a lovey community feeling about it, so as well as mine and Michael’s Londoner’s films – the latter of which was actually shot at the cafe – I’m thinking about finding and screening community themed films. I find it cool that, even in a vast metropolis, you can still find places which feel more like little village tearooms, where the same people are always expected to show up, and the staff always greet you by asking if you want ”your usual?”

That, then, is my job for today: finding short films which reflect that community feeling. Mind you, with the weather as it is today, the temptation to actually go to the cafe itself may, sooner or later, get too much.

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