The ship continues to sail

I was just looking through my blog archive – something I do from time to time. Ten years ago today I wrote this entry. Freshly home from finishing my final undergrad year at university, Dad had just set my computer up on my old desk. I dashed off a quick blog entry, no doubt wanting to get on with other stuff, about how much uni had changed me. I had indeed changed over the previous three years: my experiences on campus really brought me out of myself. But I didn’t realise then that that was just the beginning, and I had barely scratched the surface of the change. I remember writing that very entry, but at the same time it seems an age away. So much has happened since then, not least meeting Lyn and moving to London, that it staggers me to think how much my life has changed. I’ve created so many awesome memories, had so many great adventures, since I wrote those words; the very geography of the world where I exist is completely different. To continue the metaphor I use in that entry, the ship slipped her moorings, cleared the dock, and sailed into a vast ocean full of adventure and intrigue.

Helm, hold her steady, and prepare for excitement.

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