A year on from our act of utter stupidity

I’m still just as angry as when I wrote this entry a year ago yesterday. My frustration with the way things are going in this country hasn’t calmed down one iota; in fact things seem to be getting worse. I’ve written many times on here about how stupid this country was to vote for brexit: it was a vote for xenophobia and isolationism; a vote which, more to the point, essentially denied reality. How long do these fools really think we can survive outside the EU? It just did not make sense to leave our biggest, nearest market. As I wrote the other day, I think people will soon be changing their minds in their droves – I think they already are, as the truth becomes clearer and clearer.

The problem is, it’s very hard for people to admit that they were wrong, or that they were deceived, when it comes to matters like this. They will thus try to cling to fantasies for as long as possible rather than face the truth and own up. Even when the truth becomes blatantly obvious, brexiteers will still be claiming they were right. This mess will therefore take a long, long time to sort out. A year on and I’m still angry, but I fear this farce has some way to run yet.

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