The golf ball

A few days ago I lost the knob off my powerchair control stick. Going through nearby Maryon-Wilson Park, it flew off into the bushes as I was going down a slope. I spent over half an hour looking for it, but it was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, having two chairs, I could just take the knob off my spare powerchair and put it on to my main one, but Lyn had a better solution. Rolling up to me as I was looking for my knob in the park, she immediately got on her Ipad and ordered a golf ball for me. The lads back at school always used golf balls on their chairs, but up until now I’ve used the knobs the chairs came with. I’d always thought they were just ordinary golf balls my mates had had holes drilled into, but obviously there’s a market for wheelchair control knobs which look like golf balls.

I just got back from the cafe to find my new control knob had been delivered. It’s now on my control stick waiting for me to try out. Well, here goes…

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