Farewell Poland

We fly home in a few hours. It has been, without a doubt, an outstanding holiday. Poland is a wonderful place: it’s people have been incredibly welcoming; it’s natural beauty, utterly captivating. To have seen the place where our personal assistants – our friends- hail from has been awesome. Wroclaw was great; the festival in Sokołowsko was something I’ll probably always remember; and I think, even after only two days, that I’ve fallen in love with Krakow, with it’s music, architecture and sense of history seeping out of every brick and paving slab. Yet all good things must come to an end, and as lyn and I prepare to head home, we’re already making plans to return Soon, possibly next year. It has been an outstanding trip, and as ever it will be sad to return home, but life must return to normal. We both have things to do back in London, but there will always be our next trip to start planning.

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