The Tolkien society discuss the films

It might be a couple of years old, but having just stumbled onto it I think this Tolkien Society discussion of Peter Jackson’s adaptations is worth flagging up. I expected them to be very negative about the films, but I was pleasantly surprised, and found myself agreeing with much of what is said. Of course the film’s aren’t perfect adaptations of the books, and there are points at which Jackson took considerable liberties with the source material, but in terms of legacy, in terms of bringing people to Tolkien and getting people reading him, they have done wonders. I would add, too, that these adaptations are probably as good as they were ever going to be; just think how awful they could have been if, say, Disney had decided to turn it into one of their saccharine children’s cartoons. No film adaptation is ever going to be a word-for-word replica of a book: they are two different art forms, different languages. To a considerable degree, the films were Jacksons interpretation of Tolkien. At the same time, as the society concludes, the films were pretty incredible, a great tribute to the author, and will probably have people reading him for years.

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