Brexit fanaticism is reaching a dangerous point.

I was apalled the other day when I saw that a group of researchers from Cardiff had started to claim that Brexit could turn out to boost the economy. I didn’t write anything about it on here because I don’t know that much about economics, but it seemed like it ran directly counter to everything everyone else has been saying. I knew too that the outists would pounce on it, claiming it added validity to their spoutings that all the other experts were wrong and that Britain would be fine after it leaves it’s nearest, biggest market. My gut said that was utter bollocks and this report should be ignored as the utter tripe it is, but I had nothing solid to base that on.

Now, however, I do. According to this independent article, that study should never have been published, much less pounced upon by the likes of the bbc. It’s lead author, Patrick Millford, has a history of making such claims, and has been refuted and shown to cherry-pick evidence many times. He just gave his outist friends what they wanted to hear with total disregard for intellectual honesty. He has at least allowed them to claim that the jury is still out on the impact of Brexit: it could be good or bad.

Only, it isn’t. The vast, vast majority of accredited economists – and anyone capable of thinking clearly, for that matter – can see what a disaster Brexit will be. The shit is already starting to hit the fan and we haven’t even left yet. The problem is, tripe such as Millford’s allows the outists to cling to their beliefs, refusing to accept the truth even when it becomes as obvious as day and night. We see the same bewildering behaviour in Trump supporters in America. No doubt they’ll now claim that this Independent article is biassed and that millford is right; Brexit is reaching a point where facts, no matter how demonstrable, do not matter, and the brexiteers will continue to claim they are right an everyone else is wrong no matter what. It has now reached a dangerous point psychologically, the fanaticism behind it almost religious, and we should all be getting pretty worried about it.

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