Time Team on Shooters Hill

Lyn and I were out yesterday in the local parks enjoying the sun when I decided to take her to the place I mentioned here, simply to enjoy the view with her. It’s a nice stroll up Shooters Hill, which we would both enjoy. It went well and we had a lovely time. After I showed her the view I’d found, Lyn guided me into a nearby park which had an even better view. When we got home, out of curiosity I decided to tap ‘Shooters Hill’ into youtube to see what came up. I found this Time Team episode. It’s from about 2008, I think, so before I got here; but it goes into the history of the area. Shooters Hill was a major road the nazis would have used had they invaded in 1942, so it was heavily defended. The program looks for and finds the remains of some of those defences. I find that fascinating. The program actually shows some of the places we passed yesterday, so I may pop back up there later to see if I can find any of that history myself, now I know what to look for.

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