Proper Star Trek is back!

The new incarnation of Star Trek, Discovery, premieres today, and I’m just itching to find a way to watch it. It’s on Netflix in the US, but I haven’t seen where or how

I can watch it over here. From what I’ve read, it looks pretty good, full of references to the other series. I’m still hoping they can somehow get Picard and the Enterprise D/E crew to make an appearance. As I wrote here, I’ll also be interested to see what it has to say about contemporary america, and what it has to say – if anything – about this new Trump era. Of course, how Discovery stacks up against other Trek series remains to be seen, and I can’t comment properly until I find a way to watch it. It has been so long since Trek’s TNG/DS9 heyday, it has a lot to live up to; but for now I’ll just say that it’s good to see ‘proper’ Star Trek back, as opposed to the reboot films.

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