The two levels of Brexit

I still can’t decide whether to be appalled, frightened or to burst into howls of laughter at what is currently going on with Brexit. A glance at the Daily Mail’s front page today filled me with rage at it often does, but at the same time, doesn’t this strike you as deeply, darkly comic. The New Statesman reports how the Mail’s (witch) hunt for academics with Remainer tendencies has hilariously backfired: the rag put a call out to anyone with any information on university lecturers with proEuropean ‘bias’, and some of the responses they got had me in stitches. University students, it seems, can be very adept at sarcasm when pointing out the sheer stupidity of outism and the clear lack of logic in what they are doing.

At the same time, behind the chuckles there is the realisation that this is all deeply sinister and disturbing. While, as I noted here a couple of days ago, such things are a clear sign of outist desperation, it is nonetheless an attempt to stifle opposition. They seem to now want to stamp out opposition to brexit and to ensure that only their views are broadcast and taught; anyone who speaks in favour of reversing the stupidity of last year must be silenced. A sign of their desperation, yes; darkly comic, certainly; but there is also a whiff of fascism to all this. With the referendum ‘won’, they are nominally in the controlling position – they assume a right to dominate the discourse, and now feel the need to bear down on anything that might threaten that. On one level this is funny, like something Monty Python might have dreamt up; but on another, with an increasingly threatened group of people fighting to force their will upon the country, it is deeply, deeply scary.

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