Blue Planet II

How awesome was it to see Sir David Attenborough back on our screens last night? Going by the first episode, Blue Planet II will be every bit the equal of it’s 2001 prequel, and live up to the standards we have come to expect from Attenborough and the BBC Natural History Unit. Some of the footage we saw last night was stunning: I even found some of the shots of the sea on it’s own so evocative it was mesmerising, even without any wildlife. It’s great to see this legend of television, the greatest of all presenters, back doing what he does best. I frankly find it utterly remarkable that Attenborough is still going after all these years, let alone making programs which captivate the entire nation. It apparently even beat Strictly and X-factor in terms of ratings, but then, going by some of what we saw last night, that is hardly surprising: who needs tired old talent shows when you can watch the wonders of nature on the other side?

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