The world is definitely spherical

Just to make this absolutely clear, I have no doubt that the earth is a sphere. However, a couple of times recently I’ve come across the startling news that belief that the Earth is a flat disk is rising. That astonishes me – how can anyone believe something so absurd these days? I just found this video exploring the phenomenon. Like conspiracism, belief that the earth is flat stems largely from disenfranchisement with the status quo: people like to believe in a big, bad centralised power which they can blame for all their woes. This power hides the truth from them. Thus, everyone who says that the world is spherical is under their control, and anyone who tries to cast doubt on that is rebelling against this big bad authority. The thing is, like other conspiracy theorists, flat earthers often happen to be selling something – usually books or tickets for their shows. They give often disenfranchised, poorly educated people the promise of hidden knowledge which only they can bestow, offering a sense of power and advantage to the often powerless and disadvantaged. It’s a sickening scam which relies on peoples ignorance and naivete to sell them bullshit, and I think it’s reaching a point where it has to be stopped.

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