The massage

Yesterday was quite a wonderful day. Dominik had been talking about me having a massage for a while, and yesterday we finally got around to it. He took me in my manual chair up to Camden, where one of his friends works as a masseuse at a spa called Triyoga. I was a little apprehensive at first, but as soon as I lay down on the bed and the massage started, I knew this would be the first trip there of many. The feel of her hands somehow made me relax instantly, as well as giving me a strange new energy, like coffee only less sudden, agressive and more natural.

She worked on me for about fifty minutes, before we called Dom back in. We both then went into the sauna, from where Dominik had just come. Sitting there in the baking heat (although Dom insisted it was just mild) I could barely have been more content. As D had promised it would, this treatment was doing wonders for me. I was relaxing more by the moment. I didn’t want to stay there for too long, fearing that the heat might damage my Ipad, so a short while later I asked to come out.

Dom and I both had showers and we got dressed. It had been a wonderful afternoon. As Dom had promised, the massage had done wonders for me – I was so relaxed.As I wrote here, Camden is a part of London which I love. On the way home we took a walk through the market and along Regent’s canal, before taking the tube back. By then, it was getting late; it was quite dark. Yet it’s such an awesome part of the city, and now that I know yo can get such great treatment up there, I think we will be going back quite soon.

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