Lyn will, Lyn will, rock you!

Lyn has been rather busy for the last couple of days. I can always tell that she has something in the works when she gets up as soon as our PA gets here. As I mentioned a couple of entries ago, she has been working on doing live voice-overs for her online radio shows; apparently this will eventually become a full-blown online radio station. From what I understand, the radio website L was doing shows for, Revival, had to close down, so she had to find another outlet for her passion for DJing. This will be a full, 24/7 radio station as opposed to just a two evening a week show, so it will take a while to set up; but it will be part of iHeart. I’ll probably blog about this again when it’s online, but for now, it’s great to see L so enthusiastic about something she clearly loves.

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