Misinterpreting the EU

I realise this isn’t a particularly festive subject for Christmas eve, but perhaps one can better understand why so many voted Leave last year when you consider that they may have taken the EU to represent the entire capitalist system. It is, after all, a body of complex rules and regulations, quite impenetrable to most. It seems dedicated to business, but where some see it as being concerned with business regulation, others may have taken to be a body dedicated to the perpetuation of capitalism itself. Is it any wonder that those disenfranchised with capitalism and beaten down by austerity wanted to come out of the entire labyrinthine lot? In their ignorance and confusion, they took the EU to underpin the entire globalist capitalist system. The tragic irony is Brexit will strengthen capitalism’s grip; deregulation will let free-market economics rule, and see consumers stripped of their rights. Rather than being a capitalist body, the European Union held capitalism’s worst tendencies back; and I fear those who campaigned so vehemently to leave would now see the harshest, most selfish strain of neoliberalism set free in the UK. If the vote to leave was an expression of angst from those disenfranchised by the capitalist system, I fear things are about to get far worse.

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