Self-importance and arrogance beyond words

From what I’ve been reading on the various Facebook channels, Farage has apparently thrown an almighty strop that Nick Clegg has been knighted, but he hasn’t. While I know Clegg isn’t completely without criticism, especially given he propped up a coalition government which virtually shredded the welfare state, this surely tells you all you need to know about Garage*. I mean, what sort of egocentric prick thinks he [i]deserves[/i] a KBE? They are usually accepted with grace and humility. Indeed, Danny Boyle famously said he didn’t think he deserved one in 2012, despite just having directed the most awesome Olympic Opening Ceremony ever.

For Farage to claim to have been overlooked for a knighthood, then, tells you everything you need to know about the self-important little p’tahk. This is a man who has never been elected to parliament, and whose xenophobic ravings have sewn devision and hatred throughout the country. Intolerance was dying out in the UK, but Farage has given it a sickening veneer of respectability. It was only because of him that the referendum was called, and we’ll be trying to clean up the mess resulting from it for decades. Thus for this embarrassment to human civilisation to act all offended because he didn’t get the knighthood he thinks he deserves is like me making a film about our cat sleeping on the sofa and then demanding an Oscar for it. If you ask me, the scumbag should be in jail for the damage his lies have caused and will cause. His arrogance and self-importance is beyond words.

*Typo left on purpose

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