A dry year

I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s entry, but perhaps I should also note that 2017 was a completely dry year for me. Apart from maybe the odd drop in a pudding or something, I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol. I’m rather proud of that fact, although it wasn’t that difficult: after a while, I started to find the idea of alcohol rather stupid. Why would I want to drink something which would make me fall over, crash my powerchair and need to go to bed early? As I wrote here on the anniversary of my stopping drinking, I feel so much better for it, too. I think much more clearly, and I no longer find myself simply looking forward to friday and Saturday evenings. Looking back, it was effecting my entire mental outlook – surely we can all do without such crap. 2017 was my first dry year in a while, then, but I can now assure you that there will be many more.

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