Something happened this afternoon which I doubt I could ever possibly forget. I ,better not go into too much detail or my mum will have kittens and never allow me to go abroad again, but, believe it or not, this afternoon lyn and I went caving. We were taken there by a very cool local friend of johns. It was well maintained and adapted for tourists, but even so we were not sure if it would be possible for us to go in. We decided to give it a try, so, leaving our wheelchairs at the surface, L on John’s back, we followed the path down into the ground.

It wasn’t too difficult at first, but as the stairs steepened and the ceiling dropped lower and lower, I began to realise that, under any other circumstances and with any other people, it simply would not have happened. And yet, it did: at one point we had to crawl on all fours the passage was so tiny, but somehow lyn and I, with the help of three incredible people, made it through the cave system.

And by god it was worth it. The rock formations and stalactites in there were awe inspiring. I could not help but be reminded of the Mines of Moria, or something from an Indiana jones film. The place was carved out by an ancient lava flow, so in places the walls looked as if they were melting. I have rarely experienced anything so beautiful, yet which I had to strive so hard to see. The sense of accomplishment I felt as I again saw daylight was comparable only to finishing my masters, and after today I will never see anything as impossible again. If lyn and I can go caving, then surely we are capable of absolutely anything.

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