Lying on a sun lounger is not a holiday

Far be it for me to judge my fellow brits, but I must say how astonished I am that so many of my countrymen come here just to sit by the hotel pool. We have been going about, exploring every day, coming back to see the same people sitting by the pool, more or less in exactly the same spot, as when we left. I know I shouldn’t be too critical – each to their own and all – but I just don’t see the point. Going around these last few days, this island has struck me as staggeringly, staggeringly beautiful. One barely has to be a geologist to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of some of the rock formations around here; yet some of my fellow guests barely leave the hotel, and react with incredulity when we tell them that we actually go out to experience the country we are in. At the risk of sounding like a middle class snob, brought up on lengthy driving tours through Europe and America, I just don’t see the point. Why leave home just to lie on a lounger all day, especially when the landscape beyond the hotel is so stunning?

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