Catherine Bearder’s speech

I think I ought to flag this excellent speech by Catherine Bearder MEP up today. She made it a couple of days ago in high Wycombe. It’s a clear articulation of what a total and utter fuck-up Brexit is turning out to be: no planning, no trade deals, a catastrophic effect on the Northern Ireland peace deal. All this talk of respecting democracy is fine, but we have reached the point where you have to say enough is enough – this stupidity must stop. She also points out, quite heartbreakingly, the contrast in the spirit of the uk in 2012, when we welcomed the world, to the far darker spirit it has taken on since 2016. It feels like a completely different place: far more vile and unwelcoming. Fortunately a growing number of people such as Mrs Bearder are rising up to call an end to this utter shambles, and to restore the country to the welcoming, tolerant place it should be.

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