Debbie’s wonderful present

On the wall above my computer now hangs something wonderful: a beautiful, remarkable image created just for me. In it, a figure of a boy with a staff stands on a rock, overlooking not the sea but the vastness of space, populated by stars and be-ringed planets. There’s a tall ship and a whale, half it’s tail forming a crescent moon. Thus it merges space and the ocean so that they become one, and the boy looks out into the vastness of both.

This incredible image was given to me yesterday by Debbie as a birthday present. She knew about my fascination with space, the sea and Moby Dick; we had spoken quite a bit at the cafe. When she told me she was making a picture for me, I was of course flattered, but I had no idea that it would be so wonderful, so perfect. It just makes me want to look at it – to stare into the vastness of the ocean, the infinity of space, and dream. How fantastic is it to have such incredible, talented friends.

debbies picture

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