Book progress report 1

Just a bit of a progress report this evening. I’m pleased to say that I have started work proper on the book idea I mentioned a couple of days ago. I’m over a thousand words into the first chapter. I’ve decided, though, just to confine the narrative to my undergrad years; the drawn-out story of how I wrote my masters can wait. This way, I can focus on that lovely fascinating three year period from 2004 to 2007.

I plan to take writing this book seriously: too many times recently, I’ve had these ideas, started work on them, only to promptly get bored and forget about the whole thing. It’s a very irritating trait I have. This time, then, I plan to keep it up. My plan is to write at least one three to four thousand word chapter a week, and hopefully by the end of ten weeks I’ll have something of reasonable length. I’m sure I can keep that up – it just takes the same kind of writerly discipline I use to keep my blog updated. The thing is, unlike writing blog entries, I need to work out how to present the history of that period of my life, and how do depict certain people without making anyone angry. While I want to stay reasonably faithful to what actually happened, I may have to use a degree of writer’s licence, just to make sure I end up with a coherent, reasonable story.

Expect more progress reports like this to follow. (In fact, please hold me to it.)

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